November 13, 2010

11/13 Falls of Rough

11/13 Fine/ Rain day, from Sebree to Falls of Rough, 73miles

Yestrerday night, Thougn I did not know the reason, I was very tired. I crashed in the car on the way back to Sebree from Evansville, Indiana. So sorry, Bob, Violet.

I woke up 4:00a.m. checked weather forecast, e-mail, facebook, and posted diary up on blog. Because I wanted to avoid rain this afternoon, I decided to start biking between 7:00 and 8:00a.m. So I called Bob by bell at 6:40a.m. We talked for some time, and I was blessed by Bob, I said bye-bye to Bob, thank you so much, Bob. I am so sorry, Violet. I regret. I could not say bye-bye to Violet, she was still sleeping. I had fun time with them, enjoyed talking to them about many things much and stayed at your church like as my home. Yesterday I was given ointment and bandage from Violet, and given a "Kentucky budge" from Bob,  I put it on bike shirt. Thank you so much, Bob and Violet! Enjoy thanksgiving day with your family and enjoy "deep fried turkey"!

I started biking at 7:00a,m. with bamboo without breakfast. I like this bike shirt, this is special for me, Deno gave me, design is good, like coloring. Thanks Deno!

We arrived at Whitesville around 11:00a.m. and dropped by a resutaurant in Whitesville, ate lunch, homemade salada and cod fish humberger. I did not know what cod was, but I tried, good. Particular salada was very good. I read newspaper and checked weather. "Cold front" stayed at around center of Missouri, cold atomospehere were following us. Oops. We should go ahead in front of "Cold front" and pass Appalachians before the road in Appalachians will ice. In a restaurant I met many deer hunters, I remembered Golconda, people in Golconda. Deer hunters, the boss of restaurant, staff talked to me about bamboo bike.

They said, " Pretty Neat", "I have not heard", "I have heard but saw first time", "Did you make bamboo bike?","Bamboo was strong". I was happy to know that all people around here in west Kentucky knew about bamboo, and they all got interested in bamboo bike. I delivered some business cards which Ben Walker made for me. Thanks, Ben! And at that time I remembered Martines, CA. Thanks, Wojing! In restaurant they showed me the best route from Whitesville to Falls of Rough and said "Safe trip!" They were kind. Thank you!

We arrived at Falls of Rough at 1:30p.m. We visited campsite of Rough River Dam State Park, but I knew that campsite was already closed there. I decided to stay in lodge near State Park. At State Park, I bought letters and envelopes to send to my parents and finace in Japan from Kentucky. In room while reading map I saw an old American flag which Paura Craper gave me. I am carrying this flag with map putting in package in this tip not to wet and will carry whole of my life. This flag is special to me, it has special story between her father, family and I. I gazed at the flag for some time. There were some holes in flag which let me feel a long histroy of her father and family. I felt as if I looked at my future through holes and someone gave me power.

Outside it rained. it was already dark at 5:00p.m. It was still not cold to me. 
I cooked  dinner   outside, 2Ramen, chicken rice and coffee, and ate energy bar. The boss of this lodge was so kind that he permitted me to use internet at his office. Thank you, boss, thank you, Rough River Rodge.
Takashi 2010/11/13 @Falls of Rough, KY


  1. Hello Takashi

    You are an famous Japanese in West US, aren't you?^^
    I find you at the place near Kansas city in Misuuri, the state where my friend live. I hope you would meet him since he love Japan but he has not seen Japanese.

    One thing, how far do you run a day? 100Kilometer?

    Anyway, hang in there.


  2. So sorry I will not pass Kansas city in this trip, 80kilo~175kilo per day, depends on the day, body condition, weather condition, road condition.

  3. It doesn't matter. I will tell my friend in Missouri about that. Hang in there.