November 18, 2010

11/17 Booneville

11/17 Fine day partly cloud , from Berea to Booneville, 49miles

I wanted to write a few things which I forgot to write on blog yesterday.

1.There were some green conscious places and stores around Berea college area
2.Kelly showed me his and Cheryl's cool bike

Berea college was made from red bricks, it was beautiful. Around college there were some restaurant, cafe, crafts shops. I saw many students, and the people who enjoyed lunch, talking, listening music, looking into laptop there. Kelly showed me the place where students of Berea college were acting with green conscious issues. I heard about "grey water", recycled water. After back to Kelly's house, Kelly showed me his and Cheryl's bike, his bike's component was combination with aluminum and carbon, shape of frame was thin and flat, color was red and black, cool.

This morning, Kelly cooked an energetic breakfast for me. While feeling gratitude to Kelly and Cheryl, I ate 4 scrambled eggs, 1 bread with butter, 5 sausages and 1 grape fruit with coffee. I got lots of power!

I said "thank you" and "bye-bye" to Kelly, Kelly must go to collede earlier than I. Thank you so much, Kelly. I never forget your kindness and my promise to you. Cheryle cooked vegetable and chicken roll, rice with soy-souce "Tamari" ("Syo-yu" in Japanese) roll. I ate rice with soy-souce at lunch, tasted very nice, I felt some nostalgia, because I have not eaten Japanese foods for about 70days. She gave me an apple, and trail mix, in this mix "Wasabi" was included. I thought it was very unique. I like "wasabi",too. They provided me a new bantage for left leg yesterday...I could stay warm, watched basket ball game in college, accessed internet, ate pumpkin pie, drank beer.... I was helped so much by them. Thank you so much. I want to keep this memory with them in mind in my life. If they will come to Japan, I want to host them. I said "bye-bye" to Cheryl, and I started biking at 8:20a.m. with bamboo bike2.

We passed on US421, SR3445, SR1071, and SR30 and arrived at Linda's Victorian Rose, Booneville 1:30p.m. Linda was very friendly, talkative and she said  " Very surprised at late cyclist". we laughted. ya, I know, we are late, we must go ahead, avoid snow, iced road asap. She provided us a nice lodge, inside the lodge there were lots of antique, lots of paintings, lots of candles, lots of flowers, bamboo chair and bamboo diningware.

Today there were a few thigs I wanted to do for bamboo bike2, /dip chain oil/ arrange back light/ arrange water bottle cage/  Yesterday bamboo bike2 was wet by rain, so I dipped oil with chain.
And I arranged rear light, added one light which I used as a front light, because I have felt that I needed to light up the back of ourselves more, around here in Kentucky, the road was curvy, narrow, shoulderless. And I arranged the water bottle cage not to move using rubber. I thought to carry some used rubbers was important in bike trip.

A feeling for the Appalachians; uphills were not so long, but road was curvy, narrow, a little bit dark, shoulderless. That was the matter not physical but mental, paying attention to back was most important.  In small roads, for examle, SR3445, SR1071 I enjoyed rollar coaster biking, enjoyed beautiful scenery with bamboo bike2, there were little cars. Bamboo bike2 also enjoyed biking, beautiful Nature around here in Kentucky very much. Sometimes bamboo bike2 talked to trees in Kentucly gently, "Hey, you were beautiful, and strong because you could endure such this cold, I prefer a little bit tropical season, but I was happy to meet you, I wanted to contribute to green society with you" Now I am feeling for the Appalachians. I will add to write about our feeling for the Appalachians while riding with bamboo bike2.

I ate dinner, spanich rice, vegetable and chicken roll, apple, and popcorn. Cheryl cooked vegetable and chicken roll for me this morning, inside roll, there were plenty of chickens! I felt happy and
felt her kindness, thank you so much Cheryl. Apple was very sweet, dinner of tonight was tyo good for me!

Outside, there were nothing to move, wind did not blow, I could not hear any sounds. It was very quiet here in Booneville. I read a book "bible for businessman" , took rest sitting on the bamboo chair, aside by me bamboo bike2 kept quiet, looked at me. Candle lights lighten up inside the room. For me, time to read books was peaceful and gave me a relax. Weather forecast on TV told me a little rain tomorrow, but I felt peace and comfortable. I did not know why I felt so. Good night
Takashi 2010/11/17 @Booneville


  1. アメリカの道路交通法はわかりませんが、日本ですと後の灯火は赤かオレンジのみです。
    Have a good adventure!

  2. hi Takashi

    It was three day ago. Ah-, you were at Booneville in Kentucky .

    I wish I could drive a vast and beautiful road there (But there were narrow and winding roads.. at Booneville.)

    Ah-, I always think you had had good meals every time. Recently I had only six Nattos, at breakfast and lunch for saving money...

    Anyway hang in there being full of stomach!


  3. 隅除輪業さま


  4. 納豆6つの朝食、昼食。。