November 3, 2010

11/3 @St,Louis

11/3 Fine day, @St,Louis, 0mile,

Today I wake up late, at 7:00a.m. Air conditioner in this room worked very well, it was very warm in room.  I could sleep very well.
This morning, without breakfast, I prepared for the meeting with Insurance company to talk about the expense for medical and my broken equipments.
I went to insurance company in St.Louis at 10:00a.m. by taxi cab. The office was very beautiful. To use Taxi cab and to talk about insurance issue, those were the first time experience to me.
It was a little bit tough and difficult to talk about the issue of an accident case in English, but my friends helped me by phone during talking.

After that, I came back to my room in north St.Louis. I went to ate lunch at Golden Pancake. Here was my favorite place around here. I ate cheese, tomato, corn, maybe Mexican foods, and potato.
During lunch had big mistake, I used Chili sauce on potato, not tomato ketchup... time I must check label.

I took shower, pasted ointment to scraped places. These conditions are getting better. For some minutes I practiced to move left knee. And I checked e-mail.

At 4:30p.m. Deno, came to my room by Crossfire, stylish sport car. He took me to REI to buy some equipments, cooking stove, cooking set, warm wear, bike light, fix kit, bike lock, and more, and he took me to bike shop in St.Louis, too.
In bike shop I bought water bottle mount.
I saw hi-end bike there, the shape of frame was like knife, shark tail, airplane wing. It was very unique, I was inspired. There are about 700 species of bamboo in Japan. My work is to look for some best bamboo for bike frame. Shape, Strength, Stability, Story, Durability, Uniqueness, Originality. It is my work.

Bike is stylish, enthusiastic, healthy, good exercise, self-dependent, beautiful, green, free and that gives us new meeting. It is like a journey.
I am feeling I am loving bike day by day still now. This is the change since when I have visited United States.

After that, we ate dinner with Manita, ate chicken fried steak, Texas food. Delicious. I had great time with Deno, Manita, Jessica, Patrick in St.Louis. Thank you so much.
Deno is special, He loves biking, mountain-treck, fly-fishing, journey, speed, farming and used to be business student. I feel strong sympathy, empathy. And kind, gentle, funny, good joke. I hope to be such great gentleman like Deno in the future.

Tomorrow I will move to Golconda, town in southern Illinois, my friend, Ben Walker's  house.   Takashi 2010/11/3 @St.Louis


  1. Hello Takashi

    I am Shuichi. I am at office in Kyoto and am going to home now. I was too busy to rest a moment.

    Anyway, You seem to become fine. It is good thing.

    I have coincidently a friend in Missouri. I heard that there are no mama chari. Is it true?

    I have received another e-mail about mama bicycle recently, that is not connect to you at all. But I am struggling it while I work my job everyday.

    Hang in there together.

    see you


  2. こんにちは。お久しぶりです。


  3. Hi, Kei
    Great to hear from you and thank you for supporting me,
    your words cheer me up, support me, great.
    Good fight to coordinate your own activity in Keio E.C.O. , show room of bamboo, Go! If there is anything what I can help you, definitely let me know. Takashi 2010/11/5