November 6, 2010

11/5 @Golconda ~loving Golconda~

11/5 @Golconda, Fine day, 0mile,

this great photo was taken by Ben Walker

There were many many things today, wonderful day!
I am loving Golconda, town in sonthern Illinois, it is like boat's lights floating on Ohio river like brilliant jewels.

I woke up 3:30a.m, I planned my "donation project" in this trip.
I wrote a part of this project, today, because now this idea is proceeding, contacting with some people.

"Donation project2010 of Bamboo Samurai"
I am fund-raising through this trip with bamboo bike,
I have an idea to donate some bamboo plants (maybe 60 gallons with barrier, soil) to the Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco. I studied non-profit business in San Francisco Bay area for 2 weeks, in this March, 2010. I was inspired so much, felt strong emotion, and was helped much by the people whom I met there. I attached some sentense which I wrote on my diary at that time as follows. After visiting the Glide Memorial Church, I decided to cross coutry trip in United States by bike while fund-raising, and to donate the Glide Memorial Church. That is one of the biggest reasons that now I am here, traveling cross United States with bike.

"Voluntary spirit is a part of general humanity. It provides a cordial relief to the others. I feel it much in San Francisco and Stanford. I think that Japanese should learn it from American. Particularly in the Memorial Glide Church I felt strong emotion! There is a sense of unity and spirit of mutual help. Names of babies who were born in the area were called and all of participant there celebrated the new lives. Awesome!"
March 31,2010, related blog,

Now I am studying tax refundable donation style / culture to non-profit organization in United States, This style / culture is unique for me, but makes sense. In Japan I never heard such this donation style / culture. And I consider about the system to danate, and talked to some friends / get some advises from them.

At breakfast, I ate corn chex, 2%milk, coffee with Ben Walker, D.J.
I met Cathy, teacher of Spanich student class in Golconda, talked about the meeting with her high school students.  It will be an exciting / valuable experience for me, for us. I am looking forward to talking students.

Ben took me by car around Golconda, guided me Golconda, we walked around state park, visit Ohio river, city hall. Golconda has many stories, War between the states, the capital city of deer in United States. Beautiful scenery, good food, warm / kind / friendly people.

"Cat fish and fried pickles"
At lunch I ate cat fish and fried pickles,I met/ heard / ate / for the fisrt time. in the resutaurant in Golconda. Tasted very good. In restaurant, I met Chris, his family, Cathy her husband. Happy.

"1st bamboo bike, Forever!"

After lunch, I got another bamboo bike from my frined in San Francisco, and I went to Viana to pick up my broken bamboo bike. Before the meeting with broken bamboo bike, I felt little scare, coming flash back memory of accident to my head, to meet broken bamboo bike, but no memory was brought back. This is the first time when I met broken bamboo bike after accident. Rear parts of bike was almost broken. I felt sad. I remembered the memory we traveled from Santa Cruz,California to Goreville, Illinois. I am soory, bamboo bike. But I felt my lucky, too. This feeling is bigger than sad feeling. Because now I am survive, and stay with friendly / kind people. Some of the parts is not broken, so I can use these! I will be able to back on the road with my first bamboo bike, we will always be together in the future, rest of my life, keep going on the road with 1st bamboo bike, keep going to solve negleted bamboo forest problem with 1st bamboo bike.
1st bamboo bike forever!

Today one Japanese media crew arrived at Golconda to interview me, company name is "Cycloimage", "CycloChannel" whose name is Hiroshi Kozaki, friendly guy, good cameraman, good journalist. He arrived here with no-map, no-GPS. Unibelievable! Brave! This is the first time that Japanese crew visit Golconda! He will stay Golconda for some days. 

In the Evening we visited the First Baptist Church of Paducah, Kentucky, beautiful place. I enjoyed Musical much played some kids, students, "Phantom of Opera", "Oklahoma", "Anny". Very Pretty!  There I met Michael Broadway, who will be a Major Leage player next year, Atlanta Braves, I heard his story, I was encouraged very much. I hope his success, he will do.

One media in Kentucky contacted me tonight, "One Groovy Planet".

We arrived Ben's house in the midnight. There were many things today.  Numerous stars were shining in the sky, it was 28degree, fahrenheit (alomost 0℃, celsius), clear atmospehre.
(Fahrenheit,degree - 32) *5 /9 =Celsius(℃)
It was getting cold. I gazed at the stars like brillant jewels my with white breath. There were no sounds around. Good night.

Takashi 2010/11/5@Golconda


  1. What a great adventure!

    Let's have another meeting when you back to Tokyo!

    God bless you!!

    Satoru Oyamada

  2. Hi,Oyamada-san
    Definitely! Great to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind words, I got power. Happy to you. Takashi 2010/11/6

  3. 英文苦手なので、WEB翻訳でざっと見たところ体のお怪我は無いようですね。



  4. Suzuki-san
    I am so sorry for my bad English, I can type English by this laptop.

    Taihen-genki desu. Hidari-ashi ni kega wo simashitaga gennzai rihabiri sinagara jyuntyou-ni kaihuku siteimasu. Bamboo bike ha nihon de siyou sita mono wo tomodachi kara okultute moraltute genzai syuuri tyu- desu. Tabi ha tudu ke masu.

    Matsumoto 2010/11/7