November 9, 2010

11/8 @Golconda

11/8 @Golconda, Fine day, 0mile

"Bamboo Samurai and Superman at Metropolis"  by Ben Walker

"Visit to Pope county school in Golconda"

"Kon Nichi Wa!" ("Hi" in English)
I visited to school in Pope county Golconda, visited 3 class, one was Spanish class of high school, the second was another Spanish class of high school, the third was 4th grade of elementary school. I enjoyed talking to students so much. I talked about bamboo, bamboo bike, my trip, Japan, Tokyo, Japanese school, Japanese language, culture, movie, my favorite...
Their eyes were all brilliant like jewels, their eyes were looking into their wonderful future, the symbol of the next New Age, and their hope ( =Kibou, in Japanese), as if long traveller gazed into the sky and saw spaced numerous brilliant stars during his long journey. One of the boy gave me a pretty letter written by pencil.Thank you, Cameron. Wonderful town, wonderful people, wonderful school, wonderful county, wonderful future, wonderful universe. All boys and girls were pretty, I was so happy. Tyo-cool! Thank you, Cathy, Craper, Kaegi. Thank you, Pope county high school and elemantary school! ("Arigato Gozaimasu" in Japanese = "thank you")

I wrote some Japanese words (English, Alphabet, Kanji, Hirakana, Katakana)

・"Hope" = Kibou = 希望 = きぼう = キボウ

・"bamboo" = Take = 竹 = たけ = タケ
・"Samurai" = samurai = 侍 = さむらい = サムライ
・"Flood" = Kozui = 洪水 = こうずい = コウズイ
・"happiness" = shiawase = 幸せ = しあわせ = シアワセ
・"Very" = Tyo = 超 = ちょう = チョウ

In Japanese language, there are 3 languages, one is Kanji, the second is Hirakana, the third is Katakana. I promise that I visite Golconda again.

"Homberg valley"

After visiting shool in Golconda, I went to Cathy's house in Homberg and ate luch, walked Homberg valley with Cathy, Coco, Dickcy tic. Ate chicken soup, 2 sandwiches, squash, cabble which Cathy cooked. Tyo Gorgeous!
Here in Homberg, beautiful field were spreading, I walked to the creek with Cathy, breathed fine air whole into my whole lung. What is a beautiful day today. Cathy showed me inside refrigerator, I saw many eggs. "12 boiled eggs and I bowl oatmeal" every morning..Oops! This is the recipe for breakfast of Mike. Tyo Great! This is the Major Leager's breakfast, Tori came back from shool, and her friend Deborah came to house. I met Mike, he presented me baseball cap with his signature. Since today I will change my hat from New England Patoriots to Atlanta Braves, of course my hero will shift from Tom Brady to Mike Broadway.
Mike Broadway is my new hero since today. I am sorry, Tom Brady.

"My new hero, Mike Broadway" photo taken by Ben Walker

Well, near the creak, I saw bamboo, I heard this was called cane. It was short and thin, but I was happy to see bamboo here in Golconda, and I thought possibility that some species of bamboo grow up here in Golconda.  It is a seed for new business between bamboo and Golconda.


"Bamboo bike2"
I went to Metropolis with Ben, Tori, Deborah and Hiro. I met Superman there. There was a big stutue of Superman in Metropolis. Here in Mertopolis Superman was born. I posed as same as Superman, as Obama. Tyo cool!
After that I went to "Bikeworld", and meet Bamboo bike2 there. I said "Hello to bamboo bike2" for the first time. Bamboo bike2 was brilliant, beautiful.  Tire, wheel, durailleur, pedal, seat post, carrier, brakes, chain, and hundlebar, these parts were shifted from broken bamboo bike to bamboo bike2. I was so happy that I could use some parts of bambo bike1 in the rest of trip. I rode on bamboo bike2 for a few minites in a parking of Bikeworld. feeling good. I was excited. I can keep going with bamboo bike2! Thank you, Bikeworld, thank you Ben, Cathy, Golconda, Paducah.

"Bamboo bike2 at Courthouse in Golconda" by Ben Walker

"One Groovy Planet"
In Bikeworld I met magazine media, "One Groovy Planet". I was interviewed about bamboo, bamboo bike, our trip, business and Samurai. I was happy, because I could contribute to promote bamboo, bamboo bike, neglected bamboo forests problem, raise awareness for green society, ecological world and my company,"Bamboo Samurai".  Samurai is a warrior who fight against what he believed once.  Samurai has simple spirit, never give up, keep going. When there is a big rock in front of Samurai, Samurai keeo pushing on rock, not avoid.

"My forever friend, Lew"
In Paducah, I visited Lew's house with Lew with Ben and Hiro. Hiro ate chicken soup, we ate pop corn.  Lew tool alittle bit sick yesterday, so Cathy and Ben send Lew a chicken soup and cabble.
I felt strong emotion for their intimate relation, thier community. They are helping each other. This is the real "town". I think so. I was helped by Lew very much. I was happy to meet Lew, I think it was miracle. Thank you, Lew, forever friends, see you!

On the way to home Golconda from Paducah, we met female deer on the road. She was still on the road for a few seconds. Wow. Dear festival50 is coming, Nov 17 in Golconda. I could not hear the sound of gun shot, around here there were no sound. Numerous stars were brilliant in the clear air like eyes of kids of pop county school. It was not so cold than yesterday.
Takashi 2010/11/8@Golconda

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  1. Hi Takashi

    Congratulations Bamboo bike 2. You are going to restart your trip,right?
    I can't help stopping reading your entry now, but I was surprised by Superman's birth place and heavy breakfast of Mike and thin but bamboo there...

    Anyway, I have no time now, so I add this URL

    This is my entry today in Lang-8.

    I hope you can read it.

    see you

    Hang in there with Bamboo bike 2 and kind people around you.