July 25, 2010

ジャストギビングジャパンへ寄付先団体の登録申請 ~apply to JustGiving Japan as an organization to be donated~

7/25 日曜日 晴れ@自宅



JustGiving  Japan   http://justgiving.jp
JustGiving  Great Britain http://www.justgiving.com

(In English)
There is some differences between the East cicada and the West cicada. Chirping, time to chirp and loudness. The chirping of the west cicada is louder but it does not chirp at night. But the East cicada does chirp at night but is a little silent. Which cicada do you like? Neither not? I like the West cicada because it is familiar to me, I used to live at the west area of Japan for long time.  I just posted Bamboo Samurai's(侍) financial statement on IR page of our blog yesterday. So today I just apply to JustGiving Japan's as an organization to can be donated to fund-raise. I heard JustGiving from my friends and then I checked how to apply. Then I realized that it was needed to prepare financial statement. So I just drew up that yesterday. Though I studied accounting in the first year of business school when I just faced the real it was difficult..... Then after I picked up all reference books and read that I finished drawing up financial statement yesterday. phew...  The result of exam is not yet known but I just want to talk to the examiner of JustGiving. If I can pass the exam that will be good news for me! So, all right, I will pick up bamboo bike tomorrow! The first ride!

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