July 23, 2010

@Tokyo domed baseball stadium

7/23 Fraiday Fine day @Tokyo domed baseball stadium

I worked on the side to fundraise as a staff who sets up a hall for a KAT-TUN's concert today at Tokyo domed baseball stadium. There were many workers such like me there. KAT-TUN is one of the most famous J-pop group. I just set up scaffolds for "moving walk" on which KAT-TUN's members can move. 
I worked hard for 13 hours, just was tired, but I could look at both front and back of the stage of concert! That's looked a grand spectacles and seemed scuh as the near future to me.

Today I could not ask bike shop staff whether the process of making bamboo bike was finished because I just worked all day long today from 7A.M. to 11P.M.. I will check the condition of bamboo bike. If the process was finished I just will visit bike shop and ride on that for the first time!

 Photo1:Tokyo domed baseball stadium, Tokyo Giants's home stadium,  2: Left side structure is Tokyo domed baseball stadium, and can see a reacreation park on the right side.

I am just late for preparing a financial statement of Bamboo Samurai. So sorry.
I want my project " bamboo project2010" to apply a challenge of JustGiving. To raise probability to pass the examination of JustGiving I think it is needed  to prepare fair and clear financial statement. So now I am just drawing up that.

best regards,
Takashi    23 Jul 2010

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