July 21, 2010

訪問先調整(日本ツアー)  ~coordinate a day's schedule with some organizations(Japan tour)

7/21 水曜日 晴れ@My home

Photo: bamboo frame is made in Zambia in Africa.


●知多半島バンブープロジェクト様(愛知県) 8/6頃 
●長岡京市様(京都府)             8/9 13:00~13:40
●東洋竹工株式会社様(京都府)       8/9頃
●日の丸竹工有限会社様(鹿児島県)    8/23頃


Best sincerely,
Takashi   2010/7/21

(In English)
On 21 Jul, Wednesday,Fine day @My home

That photo above is my friend's bamboo bike which is been made by Japanese bike shop's staff in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan. This bamboo bike frame is made in Zambia. My friend is so kind that he sent this bamboo bike frame to me from San Francisco. I hava a plan of trip with this bamboo bike in Japan. I will travel from Tokyo to Kagoshima via Kyoto with my partner Kenji in this Aug( from 2 Aug to 26 Aug), it is 1,000miles distance.
 And I am just coordinating a day's schedule with some organizations which act with relating to bamboo. Today I fixed some schedules with some organizations as follows. I got it! Thank you so much for inviting us!

●Tita peninsula's bamboo project (Aichi Prefecture)        6 Aug 
●Municipal office of Nagaokakyo (Kyoto Prefecture)  9 Aug at 1:00p.m.~1:40p.m.
●Oriental Bamboo.Ltd (Kyoto)                          9 Aug
●Hinomaru Bamboo.LLC (Kagoshima)                   23 Aug

These oraganizations are just energitic organizations which act with bamboo in Japan.
And I am contacting with the other companies, NPOs, municipal offices. I will interview about their activities with bamboo and will do efforts to understand deeply what problems of bamboo business are and how to solve that problems.

best sincerely,
Takashi  21 Jul 2010

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