July 26, 2010

初めての竹自転車走行、試走初日! ~ First riding on bamboo bike! ~  

7/26 月曜日 曇り時々雨@新宿~狛江市
Temperature:28°, Humidty: 50%, cloudy/rainy, 10km, PR 2people,


また、今日は道で、お二人の方から声をかけて頂いて、その際には竹自転車の紹介と放置竹林問題のPRをすることが出来たので大変嬉しかったです。日本とアメリカの旅の間にも積極的に声をかけてPRをしたいと思います。また、この活動は私の修士論文にするので、旅でお会いしお話させて頂いた方の人数を記録しようと考えつきました。さらに、お話の中での質問をいくつかして、その結果をアンケートとして集計し、Bamboo Samuraiの今後の活動に活かそうと思いつきました。きっといいデータになると思います。



(In English)
26 Jul 2010, Monday, Cloudy/Rainy @Shinjuku ~ Komae-city

I rode on bamboo bike for the first time today, and test-ran about 6.25miles from Shinjuku to Komae city(My hometown). Good feeling! Through rainy weather I ran on bamboo bike with feeling so nice! And there is nothing wrong with bike today. I will test-run around my hometown tomorrow, and at once I will visit bike shop around my hometown and I will PR social problem of spreading bamboo forest which are neglected in Japan and PR bamboo bike to them!
And today 2 men whom I have met for the first time talked to me about my bike! I am happy! I enjoyed myself to talk to them and do presentation to them about social problem of bamboo forest in Japan and bamboo bike. I will PR to as many people as possible on the way of my trip in both Japan and US. And from today I will collect data about temperature, humidity, weather and the distance covered of each day when I ride on bamboo bike. Furthermore I will collect data of the numbers of people whom I do presentation and I will ask people some questions about bamboo bike and bamboo forests and then I will collect the data of  theie answers. I beleive that that data will be helpful for me in the future.
Today I reach at the present stage, thanks so much to many people whom I met and talked! Thank you so much for supporting and following us! Thanks Ben, Aaron Bamboosero, VIA and ESI friends, friends, professor Anegawa, same seminar group, bike shop staff at Shinjuku L-Breath Victoria, the staff at municipal office of Nagaokakyo-city, CEO and staff of Oriental bamboo.Ltd, professor Fujii, CEO of i-bamboo, Arai-san and Kosaki-san of CYCLOCHANNEL, blog followers, Bamboo Samurai group, Kenji, my aunt and so on. Thanks! And please keep supporting and following us!
But now I just will challenge long-journey by bamboo bike and now I just stand at starting point. I will do my best! I will pedal bamboo bike and do presentation!

Best sincerely,
Takashi   2010/7/26  

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