July 24, 2010

竹自転車を見に新宿へ  ~ I visited bike shop to check the condition of bamboo bike @Shinjuku

7/24 日曜日 晴れ @新宿




(In English)
24 Jul 2010, Sunday, Fine day @ Shinjuku Tokyo
I visited a bike shop at Shinjuku to check the condition of bamboo bike today. The condition is good and I post up that photo.  The front derailleur  is set up well. I feel nice! I will just receive bamboo bike next Monday. I am just looking forward to riding on that!
 It was my anxiety to attach front derailleur with bamboo seat tube because all the diameter of bamboo seat tube were not perfect circle.   So I chose the way to sand the band of front derailleur. And  then if I need to sand bamboo seat tube, I will sand bamboo. On MondayI will interview with a staff who assembled this bamboo bike how he attached the front derailleur. 
I post the movie of Japanese fireworks " Hanabi (in Japanese)"@Tama river. I can see that Hanabi from my aunt's house. Great!
Takashi  24/Jul/2010

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